Thailand is a country of great sightseeing with many options. It is full of beauty and themes. Its tropical beaches, ornate temples, ancient ruins, royal palaces, and vibrant markets are must watch and cherish. But for the visitors, it is entirely impossible to reach all these places on their own and rental vehicles cost too much, thus, Grab taxi is the most suitable choice for any visitor. It is the best taxi booking or dispatching service.

Grab taxi service has been available due to the partnership of Uber with Grab. Uber has combined its operations with Grab to facilitate ridesharing in Thailand and across most of Southeast Asia.
Grab App has completely acquired Uber in Southeast Asia. Since Uber app is no longer active in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Grab's car or taxi service is doing its job impressively.
Thus, if you're in Thailand, you just need to use the Grab app to hail a ride. Uber owns almost 30% of Grab, that means you will still be using the same service but through a different app.

It is so easy to get it with these few simple steps -
Download the Grab app.
Create an account.
For new Grab riders, apply promo code GRAB4W.
The first ride is free which is a good bonus for the user.

GrabCar allows passengers to book a chauffeured ride for a fixed fee. Grab ensures only vehicles and drivers with the appropriate commercial licenses to register as GrabCar service providers. The additional charges are based on the demand of the service provider.
GrabTaxi is a product under the Grab App that provides taxi booking and dispatching services. It takes fare based on the meter and can differ, unlike GrabCar. The additional charges depend on the traffic or peak hours and booking fees.
Though the mode of payment in both is facilitated by card payment or cash.

The visitor is not bothered about the payment process if they take Grab taxi as it provides them with the option of either paying by card or cash. Both are acceptable by the service provider which makes it a convenient ride of the outsiders.

One can have access to this service by simply downloading the 'GRAB APP'. This helps you with the option of Grab car or Grab taxi, one can choose according to their preferences. There is no issue with the number that the visitors use as it can deal with the foreign numbers too.
These taxis are available almost everywhere in Thailand and thus are on service within a few minutes of calling.

The airport ride is little costly in comparison to the local rides. From any central Bangkok hotel to the airport, the ride will run between 400-600THB, which is about $15. So, if you want to book formal car service options to reach the airport, book in advance, or else you'll be paying at least double.