The Wall point-Snorkeling on Nusa Penida an Adventurous Expedition
The wall point lies in Toya Pakeha and has a shallow sea which makes it perfect for snorkelling and diving. This place is perfect for photo-shoot. The magnificent scenery underwater is worth capturing. The beautiful coral reefs embellish it impeccably. Previously, the wall point was not famous among tourists and travellers and now it is mostly crowded. This place is best suited for snorkelling. You can easily rent equipment there for snorkelling. You can easily reach this place within 25 minutes via ferry on Nusa Penida.
If you are a fish lover then this place will offer you tons of mesmerizing fish like yellowtail snapper, ballyhoo, barracuda and many other species. Diving there is a miraculous experience. You will be devoting around an hour snorkelling and diving there. It takes time to sink in the extreme charm of nature. At the Grand Turk Island who’s part is the wall point has another stop as well which is Gibbs Cay. On Gibbs Cay, you will see tons of fish and reef which is a perfect spot for a photo-shoot. You will enjoy swimming and diving there.
The depth of water at the Wall Point is around 25 to 30 ft. which makes it perfect for surface snorkelling too. The wall point is famous as one of the best diving and snorkelling sites among the Globetrotters. The overabundance of sea-life is worth capturing there. Try to take an underwater camera with you. As it offers many fantastic diving sites. Great swimmers like tuna, barracuda, eagle rays, manta rays, and grouper live there. Other marine-life includes migratory North Atlantic humpback whale and sea turtles.
The wall is known as the best diving sites in the Caribbean. It lies outside of Grace Bay on Grand Turk Island. To make the best of this trip trying to see up to the miles coral reefs and sea-life. The best thing about this place is you don’t need to make efforts to watch the beautiful marine life there because you can easily see those amazing creatures on the surface itself. But, of course, the Diving experience in this place would be unforgettable for anyone.
The Grand Turk Wall is the world’s third-largest barrier reef and there you will see many colourful and gorgeous marine life. The budget for this place would be around rs.6000 per person. People generally invest at max 2 hours on this spot to capture the beauty of this place. If you want to snorkel and you are a newbie take help from the guide. The guide there explains all the techniques of diving and snorkelling there with the sea-life. Also, If you have fins and mask carry them with you but, you can get it there on rent as well.
Some easy to reach and affordable stay options on Nusa Penida are Rumah Pohon offers free breakfast and a wonderful stay on the Island, Nusa Garden Bungalow is another option. The list of hotels is long but some good options are Semabu hills Hotel, Coco Resort, and Cave Beach Bungalow. The wall trip is best for diving and snorkelling. Here you can interact with the Marine-life closely and experience peace and tranquillity.