Devil’s Tears- The Best Sunset Point Of Nusa Lembongan Island
Devil’s Tears is majorly famous for the incredible reflection you will experience during the sunset in the pool. When the waves strike with the coves it creates a blast of water which looks like a devil’s tears and that’s why the place is known as Devil’s Tears sounds interesting right? Looks awesome!. If you are travelling from Bali from mushroom Beach you can rent a scooter to the Beach for 70000 IDR per day. Also, you can get on the beach by ferry but everything on the Nusa Lembongan is reachable within 30 minutes duration so the scooter will be the easiest option to get there. And the roads are well constructed comparatively from Nusa Penida so it is comfortable too.
The panoramic view of the beach looks magnificent. It looks like a dozen fountains spraying water together creating a rainbow-like seven colour reflection. The turquoise Bluewater and greenery look awesome to capture for photographers. There you’ll see some small huts near the beach offering some scrumptious dishes. Also, there is a natural infinity pool near the beach which is worth to look at.
Devil’s tears are located ten minutes away from another famous Beach Dream Beach of The island which is a must-have look place. Devil’s Tears is one of the best places to visit when on the Nusa Lembongan. The Sunset at this place is super photogenic. One just needs to be cautious of waves and enjoy the scenery. Be prepared with a good pair of shoes to trek while reaching this spot as it has a rocky path. Try to spend at least 3 nights on this beautiful island and explore its beauty.
There is no entrance fee on this beach and, no parking charges. You will find enough space to park your vehicle. The fantastic thing is this place stays open for 24 hours a day But, I think the best time to visit Devil’s tears would be after 6 P.M. The sunset looks splendid around this time.
Some good places to stay at the Island are The Tamarind Resort for the Luxury stay on the Island and Pandana Boutique Hotel for the Mid Budgeted people. And for the cheapest option, you will have Risna Homestay. There are many other good places as well to stay on the Nusa Lembongan Island like Pandan Wangi lies in the north of the island and probably the cheapest option to stay there, Bali Nusa Villa it has great ratings offers A/c rooms, breakfast and a beautiful pool too, The Acala Lembongan for the photogenic sunrise view. So these are some options to stay on this beautiful Nusa Lembongan Island.
Devil’s Tears will definitely make you smile when you are on the beach its greenery, scenic beauty, mesmerizing water, smooth Breeze and Serenity can make anyone fall in love with this place. This fabulous Island is a must-have for travellers in their Bucket-lists. Also, it is on the Nusa Lembongan Island which is more developed than Nusa Penida and offers everything good food, affordable stay, and its breathtaking scenery. Just be mindful of the cliffs edges and the currents.