A visit to Bangkok would be incomplete without experiencing its authentic Khlong (canals).
The small canals of the Chao Phraya River appeal to the travellers who wish to have a glimpse of a place and time that is gradually vanishing from modern Bangkok. This 50-minute Bangkok Canal Tour gives the guests an opportunity to experience a peaceful riverside atmosphere and know more about the traditional way of Thai life.

The city of Bangkok previously had hundreds of small canals, known as Khlongs in Thai. These canals were used by the local people for transportation, communication, and trade. Due to this the European visitors referred to the city as the "Venice of the East." This name is completely justified even today as elderly vendors paddling wooden boats up and down the canal selling everything from vegetables and noodles to modern goods like electric fans and radios can be seen.

Bangkok's first canals were dug in the late 18th century when Rattanakosin, now Bangkok, became the capital of Thailand as King Rama I wished to live on an island.
Later, more canals were dug. With the expansion of the city, canals became more and more important for defence, irrigation, drainage, trade, and transportation.
It was in the 19th century when Bangkok became a big canal network with hundreds of kilometres of waterways. It was during this period that Bangkok got the name of the "Venice of the East".

Today, most of the canals in Bangkok have been either filled or converted into paved roads. Thus, the real old glory of Bangkok could be seen on the Western bank of the Chao Phraya River where many of those old Khlongs still remain and are used every day by the residents of Thonburi.

On this Bangkok Canal Tour, you can see the historical, cultural, and societal impact of canals on the lives of the local people. There are many attractions nearby and along the canals which makes it great sightseeing viewing the Royal Thai Barge Museum. You will find varieties of fauna in and around the canals. Also, a variety of birds and fish to huge water lizards lying by the water quietly.

There are houses built along the canals apart of the market, shops and small businesses. The tiny wooden houses could be seen erected aside of huge one, giving us a glimpse of how rich and poor live there together - happy and peacefully.

A long-tail boat on the river from a pier near the Grand Palace that explores the canals of Thonburi area, on the west of Chao Phraya River, is best known for the famous Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. Thon Buri is the oldest area of Bangkok and exploring it takes you on a journey back to Bangkok's past.

Apart from this canal tour, Khlong Saen Saeb is also a busy canal in Bangkok's centre. It is served by a public motorboat or one can even explore it by hopping on and off the boat. You'll find everything here from street markets to design shopping, and from street food to modern cafes