The diving spot is accessible all year long, but we better warn you that beginners might find it a little difficult and the advanced divers will have a time of their lives. The amazing marine life in this area is the most spectacular thing one can find during the diving session.
The point is made up of three main divisions from the north are to the south and especially heads towards the south end. AS they head towards south, then later gets deeper and deeper. The first division will be only visible from the surface area and divisions one and two are commonly preferred for diving and it so depends upon the currents of the division number three.
This diving area with a stunning view can only be hampered by the bad currents and the rate of visibility. So, make sure you check everything before plunging in. The Giant Gorgonian Fan Coral is one the most spectacular thing about the Shark Point. Some can be as big as 3 meters and a stunning selection and bizarrely shaped barrel sponges and colourful range of soft anemones. This site not only offers the sight of the precious Leopard Sharks but also other marine lives such as Ghost Pipefish and Seahorse.
In recent times there has been an onrush of Kuhl’s Stingrays and Cuttlefish in between the first and second divisions. Rare creatures such as Whale Sharks, Spotted Eagle ray and a Spotted Shovelnose Ray were seen lurking in the area if you are lucky enough you can spot these precious creations of nature.
With extra care given to the novice divers, this area can be explored as it can be a little tricky for them as the sea can be rough with strong currents. It is well suited for experienced divers. It is one of the best scuba diving sites in the Phuket area.
This is particularly a day trip and is often accompanied by other places like Phi Phi, Anemone Reef, Koh Doc Mai, and King Cruiser Wreck.
To reach this place, there are several dive boats available to go to Shark Point every day of the week as a part of combos with Phi Phi (intermediate day) or Koh Doc Mai and King Cruiser (advanced divers day). If Shark Point’s weather and current conditions are not suitable, one can always substitute the area with Anemone Reef which can equally satiate your needs.