Nana Plaza is a three-story commercial building in the Khlong Toei District of Bangkok, primarily located in Sukhumvit Soi 4. It was formerly named as Nana Entertainment Plaza. It is also known as the "world's largest adult playground" and is one of the most attractive tourist areas in Bangkok but not suitable for family visits.
Its name has originated from the Nana family who are influential property-holders. Lek Nana being the most prominent member.

Nana Plaza is one of the Bangkok's three most concentrated red-light districts along with Soi Cowboy and Patpong. All attract primarily tourists.

In the last 1970s, Nana Plaza was started as a restaurant and shopping centre. After a decade, shops and restaurants were replaced by bars and gradually around twenty go-go bars opened in the three-level court, with the contemporary expansion of tourist hotels in the area.
In 2012 Nana Plaza was sold to a Thai JVC company Nana Partners Co Ltd., co-owned by Thailand's largest nightclub and bar operators - Fico corporation and Panthera Group, which was also known as Eclipse group. Panthera Group became the landlord and renovated the complex and provided the management and security services.

Nana Plaza is all full of racy themed go-go bars. It has three stories of eye-popping activities available for the visitors around a square-shaped central atrium.
This place is solely for the bar lovers and it provides the best facilities to customers. The go-go dancers, waitresses, and bargirls earn a great deal of money on a monthly basis.

There is a short-time hotel in which rooms are available by the hour. People are not allowed to smoke in the Plaza. Also, kathoey bars ("ladyboy") are there in Nana Plaza. Few bars also have few ladyboys in their line-ups mixed with their regular go-go dancers.

There are guards on the gate to check if the visitor is over the legal age or not. Apart from that one does not find it much difficult to communicate like most of the bar members and staff are good with English and so if you know English you will find no problem in communication.

On the ground floor of the plaza, you will find open-air beer bars to choose from. As you will ascend the escalator to the first floor you will find the go-go bars like Lollipop, Pretty Lady and Red Lips, also shows that include Spankys, Carnival, Angel Witch, Fantasia and Rainbow 3.

Rainbow 4 is one of the biggest shows with mixed westerner and Japanese spectators. G-Spot, Cassanova and Temptations are among the most popular for their dazzling ladyboy shows.
Angel Witch, which is famous for its rock theme shows is also another big hit. A lot of thought and energy clearly goes into the costumes and performances here.
And for a relative calm ambience, you can visit Big Dogs bar on the left corner of the entrance. It is a humble watering-hole, with beers and a raised terrace view over to the street and alleyway.

Nana Plaza is more of an adult scene place which is not for families. The outside area of the plaza is lined with street vendor carts preparing weird yet wonderful bites that include 'som tum'- spicy green papaya salad, 'kai tod'- charcoal-grilled chicken and fried insects, among other odd delicacies - special food for the bargirls who mostly belong from Thailand's north-eastern Isaan Province.