Pileh Lagoon stands out from the rest of the place in Phi Phi Island as it is much less crowded than its neighbouring areas. Much of the crowd will be lingering the famous Maya Bay and teach so this place is much calmer and yet more beautiful. You can while away you are away from the buzzing crowd over here.
The lagoon of Pileh is situated south of Koh Phi Phi Don and it is only around 6.6 sq. kilometres which are covered in limestone mountains all around. It is also one of the top three places where the famous Dicaprio movie The Beach was shot.
Here, you will come across so many fishes which will accompany you in this trip, they are of no harm and they will check up on you whether to if there is something interesting to see upon the surfaces. Some of the colourful fishes like Sargent Major Damselfish, Rabbitfish, Rainbow and Moon Wrasses are the main buddies for the snorkelers.
The length of this bay would be around 600m from its entrance to its end, and this place offers great snorkelling opportunities. As it is surrounded by cliffs, the places offer shade all the time except from 11:00 and 13:00 but it is the best time to take those Instagram worthy shots in the emerald green waters. The boats are mostly placed at the centre of the lagoon as tourists can do swimming and snorkelling around the beach area.
The place is covered with limestone cliffs covered with bamboo branches all over the sides of the cliff, these are the things used y the locals to collect the birds' nest for creating the world’s most expensive food, that’s the Bird’s Nest Soup. This procedure is kind of difficult thereby resulting in the high prices. There is a famous cave just before the entrance to Pileh Lagoon known as the Viking Cave. This place holds old paintings of the ships and whether these are the real Viking ships, the debates are still going on. As nobody exactly knows who painted these images, the origin of these images is still unknown.
Hiring a long-tail boat from Tonsai Pier is the best option available and it will almost cost you about 2,000 baht for the whole day and it will also allow discovering more amazing places around the island.
There are several accommodation facilities available according to your budget and if you are going through a well-organized agency, nothing will be a worry. So, enjoy the breathtaking adventure in the most amazing part of the world.