Tuk Tuk is a local transportation medium found in Bangkok, Thailand; serves as a unique tourist grabber. These three-wheeled vehicles are mostly decorated in bright colours and accessories which makes the international visitors instantly attracted towards it. Having a Tuk Tuk ride is not merely a way of transportation, it is more like an experience of the difference amongst the other big cities and Bangkok.
As for the unique name, Tuk Tuk, the story of origin goes back to Japan, where the three-wheeled taxies first came into existence. Because of the cultural exchange and some Asian similarities, the name Tuk Tuk was adopted by Thai people. They pronounce it in a unique way using a soft consonant between ‘t' and ‘d', makes it sound cuter.
It is commonly assumed that Tuk Tuk is only used by the foreigners and that the locals avoid using it. But that's not true because most of the Tuk Tuk drivers hoard around tourists' places like Grand Palace and Khaosan Road so that they can get longer rides and more profit. But the locals can be easily spot riding them too in the more common localities and markets. Also, there are plenty of options for transportation in Bangkok like bikes, cars, taxis, MTR subway and BTS Skytrain, which makes Tuk Tuk more of experience-based transportation rather than a very practical mode of transportation.
You can also find a variety in the colour and structure of these Tuk Tuk. For example, some of them are conventional three-wheeled taxies, some are with the bicycles or motorbike at the front and some of them are quite large in a truck style.
While hiring a Tuk Tuk, being a little cautious is quite important. The Tuk Tuk drivers might hype the rates for the tourists as compared to what they offer to the locals. Generally, the fare of them varies from 250 THB to 500 THB according to the distance. You better consult some locals about the distance of the place you want to visit and the probable fare according to that. Also, if you have freshly arrived in the city, taking a Tuk Tuk from the airport is not recommendable. Tuk Tuks are not air-conditioned, they're open with a small motor placed inside. You better give yourself some time to get acclimatized with the new weather before having a Tuk Tuk ride.
Also, don't get tempted for the offers that are unbelievably cheap like 20 to 30THB for city tour because that's where the scam unfolds. You go for this offer and the driver takes you to few small temples and shops, claiming they are legit important spots for his own commission.
Also, if you're sensitive and allergic to heat, dust or other outdoor factors, Tuk Tuk ride might not be a pleasant experience for you. Also, if being in a hurry to reach somewhere, riding Tuk Tuk should be last on your list as there are plenty of speedy means of transportation than thi