Mah Boon Krong, known as MBK mall was the biggest mall of Bangkok when it was created in 1985. The mall is loved by budget travellers. MBK mall has more than 2000 shops selling all kind of things in a variety of price range. There are estimated 100,000 visitors that come to this mall every day!
MBK was the biggest mall in Asia when it was opened in 1985. With the time, many malls have outdone the MBK in size, but the reputation and popularity of MBK are still unshaken. Unlike the other large mall which only focuses on luxury brands, MBK has made a difference by providing a budget-friendly experience to the shoppers that visit it from all over the world.
The mall was developed by Mah and Boon Krong, whose statue can be found on the ground floor of the mall. Although MBK is a proper shopping mall, there's still a huge scope of negotiations and bargaining in there. Because of the tremendous competition amongst the shops, you can find different prices for the same commodity. You need to be smart enough to not to buy overpriced and fake products from the shops.
One hack here is not to buy from the shops on the ground floor. You can check for whatever product you like on the shops on upper floors which might offer the same product at a lower price. The reason being, shops near the entrance and ground floor are being charged with the higher rent as compared to those on the upper floors.
The mall is literally a heaven for electronics as an entire section is dedicated to electronic items. You can find a wide variety of electronics from phones, laptops, cameras, DVD players, gaming consoles and music players, etc. You can get nice offers on electronics and you can also buy the used product being sold very economically.
The top floor of the mall is the entertainment section. This floor has karaoke bars, food stalls, and cafes, huge gaming sections and multiplex. You can spend some leisure time if you are in no mood of shopping. Also, if you get uncomfortable in crowded places then you should avoid visiting the mall on weekends. If you do not want to go during the most crowded hours, then visit it during the early hours of weekdays. The mall opens at 10 a.m. except for a few shops. But you can have a peaceful visit in the morning.
MBK mall is not just about shopping, it is a picture of the local culture of Thailand. It displays the real-life of Bangkok with a large number of local people, who visit it every day, doing various activities, having fun, shopping and spending leisure time, etc.
The mall is quite easy to reach by cabs or tuk-tuk as every taxi driver knows the place. There's always some kind of sale going on here throughout the year, so you don't have to think about when to visit.