Slinky Beach Bar is located in Loh Dalum Beach and is considered to be the most happening place in Phi Phi Island. It has got the tunes which you will dance all night in the open-air disco set up. Not just the music, this beach bar offers the most spectacular live performances like the famous Slinky fire show which is mind-blowing to gawk at.
The crew of the hotel starts setting up the ambience late in the afternoon even though the party just starts around 8:30 pm. They put in a lot of effort in setting up as they know the rush of the crowd they will be expecting. It is quite a view of how they set up the place down to the T. The most fun part for them would have to be to prepare the ‘fire sticks’ ready for the evening. It was kind of neat how they used huge bales of batting and pulled threads off, wrapping it around the ends of the sticks.
The best part of this place is that they obviously love what they are doing. The fire shows that they offer looks like a well-choreographed dance performance as these young boys do a lot of stuff with fire sticks. The show is indescribable in words as it is definitely something to be seen with your naked eyes so as to thoroughly enjoy the experience. It can be said as an amalgamation of a laser show, a dance show and a fire show which is LOUD and PUMPIN’ and the people who were watching it and the people doing were having fun together.
The things they do vary from time to time, sometimes it is individual performances while on the other hand, it is like a completion. They throw the sticks as high into the air as possible and the partner has to catch it and obviously, he does. It is a shirtless show as well, as they roll over the fire bare chest and unintimidated by the burning instruments. They will go to extends for entertaining their guest with their quality performances.
Wait till the grand finale of the show and its sure that you won’t forget the night in your lifetime. The performer walks across a tightrope and when he reaches the centre, the show turns on to the very ultimate level and that is, tossing, twirling and eating the fire, yes you heard me right, he eats the fire!
So if you ever visit Koh Koh Phi, you should definitely attend this party and indulge in the madness they offer. After all, you just have one life.