Situated on the southern area of the island, this place is famous for its snorkelling and diving expeditions. While is low tide, a small passage is found in the limestone cliff which separates Maya Bay and people can pass through it. Even special is the wooden staircase and terrace which is built on the Maya Bayside paving a great offer for the tourist to visit Loh Sama.
The snorkelers can enjoy the hallow crystal water that is in the channel between Koh Phi Phi Leh and the islet while the wall diving down to 20 meters around the islet itself is a great treat for divers. It is a common destination for divers all around the world. The coastline is a good spot for the beginners in diving as it is very shallow waters. The caves and cliffs turn out to be a hiding spot from the rain and the sun if it becomes too harsh to handle.
When coming to the geography of this area, the immensity of this place is quite huge. The gigantic cliffs that just jut out into the water are something quite different from the normal sandy beaches and trees. Maybe this might be the reason this place was uninhabited until recently. Several caves are present in this limestone engraved area. One of the famous caves is the Viking Cave which is famous among the locals as they climb it often without any help of a harness.
The local agencies are the ones who provide these packages for snorkelling as its nearby Maya Bay so its a good opportunity to mingle with other swimmers along the way in this islet. If you are planning on renting your own longtail boat then you can do some of the explorations on your own and have great time snorkelling. It is better to hire one from Tonsai Pier which will be around 2,000 baht for the whole day and you will be able to discover and explore new places around the island but don’t get lost.
Mainly because it is uninhabited and nature thrives in its fullest. Loh Sama is one of those beaches which provide peace and tranquillity and which is also an awe-inspiring destination in Thailand.