Located in the midst of nature, the hot springs are about 70 km from the main town of Krabi which is in the southern coast of Thailand. Krabi is most popular for its beach destinations since it consists of multiple offshore islands surrounded by cliffs and some mangroves.
The origin of the hot springs is because of the formation of thermal springs deep underground, in the volcanic chambers. These hot waters are then presented with the landscape formed by the hill lands where they get together and topple down into a stream after flowing amidst the jungle. These are over a hundred years old and contain several minerals thanks to their underground origin and thereby deposit those to form deep pools with steep sides. The temperature is around 32-45 degrees Celsius and absolutely pristine to take a dip.
The culture of Krabi town is well adapted as it is a global destination hub, the hot springs are no exception to that. The ravishing hot springs can be visited all year round and any time during the day but best timings are in the morning around 7 O’clock and in the evening around 4 pm, after which it gets less visited. There is an entry fee for both adults and children in the form of 90 baht for the hot springs.
The beauty of these springs is not the only reason for explorers to ramble on to the spot, as these are filled with minerals that are beneficial for several ailments. One of the most prevalent minerals in Copper which not only gives the pools their dark green colour but also detoxifies the skin, rejuvenating it and also relaxes joint pains and increases the body energy level. Apart from Copper, fluoride and lead are also present which is why it is important to not drink it while dipping. However, the minerals are not the only beneficial factors of the springs, a soothing experience like this not only cleanses the body but also the mind along with it. So along with curing rheumatism or skin ailments or colon problems these miraculous waters will soothe your nerves and your brain too.
Now if you are wondering whether it’s possible to sit in the pools for a long time, it’s actually recommended to sit in the hot springs for a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes because too much time in the hot water might cause side effects like dehydration, skin cracking or headaches. Therefore, after a while, you can move into the cooler river below and head back to the hot springs. This will not only prevent possible side effects but also will enhance the body detoxification process.
But your visit to the hot springs will be incomplete if you don’t visit the Emerald pool, also called as the “Crystal Pool” which is very close by in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve and is actually the product of the hot springs. The water in this pool is not hot but comfortably warm and consists of calcium carbonate deposits. The trail to the emerald pool is worthy of hiking due to the beautiful scenery( through the Khao Nor Chu Chi forest)  and it costs around 200 baht to visit this beauty.
There is also another “Blue pool” upstream of the Emerald pool and although it looks heavenly from a distance, it has very hot water and is surrounded by quicksand which is why even though it’s another beauty to visit, it must be visited with caution.