Phuket in Bangkok is a shopaholic's paradise. And they say, if you are in Phuket, it would be a grave loss if you do not visit the place, where the ‘WORLD COMES TO PLAY-CENTRAL FESTIVAL MALL'-a multi-level gold mine of products ranging from upmarket clothing to fashion accessories, from silk, bedding and household goods to sushi, from toys to watches – you name it and you have it here.
Inaugurated on 23rd January 2009, the central festival mall is now a decade old. Renowned as the shopping hub of the island, it houses almost 120 stores. While in its infancy, it experienced a slow start, however soon gained immense popularity. Recently on September 10, 2018, another complex was added to the already existing Central Festival, the Central Floresta.
What is so striking about the Central Festival is its diversity. The Central Department store is in itself a shop having designer brands and cosmetics with its own separate set of promotions. The Central Shopping Gallery is the core of the mall that always buzzes with events especially during weekends, month ends and festivities. The Central Festival Food Hall offers a wide variety of lip-smacking and lavish Chinese, Japanese, French and local Thai cuisines. Central Festival also hosts Phuket's world-class CINEMA- the SFX Coliseum on its third floor. It is very modern with well equipped latest digital sound systems, comfortable to luxury seating arrangements along with complimentary snacks and drinks. Then there’s the Eduplanet Zone for kids that offers a serene and favourable environment contrary to the typical buzz of the shopping malls. It offers various educational programs covering music, art, computers, language and much more. There is also a waiting zone for parents that too serves cold drinks and snacks.
The speciality about Central Floresta is its unique blend and use of modern technology that has made it possible to showcase a real wildlife experience among the hustle and bustle of a shopping mall. Central Floresta exhibits two distinct themes- the first-named as ‘THE TALES OF THAILAND’ -that shows the Thai identity and ways of life, and the second named TRIBHUM – a 3d themed park and aquarium that displays about 25,000 sea creatures. While the expansion of Central Floresta was planned in as early as 2013, it happened to be executed only in 2016 giving rise to a new shopping complex in just less than two years.
The lush and magnificent ornamentation of the interiors and the exteriors will leave you amazed and you will keep gazing in awe. One such significant attraction is the sculpture of The Great Epic- from the Ramayanas, whose height is equal to that of a two-storey building.
The Central Festival Mall also facilitates free underground parking.