Ao Nang is one of the most vibrant tourist place situated in the Krabi province of Thailand. It is the central point of the coastal province of Krabi. Ao Nang beach road has a wide range of accommodations and tourist attractions. It has a wide range of Indian, Thai, European restaurants, convenient transport along with a variety of hotels and resorts of all price ranges making it easier for tourists to stay comfortably. This huge range of tourist attractions makes Ao Nang a good base for exploring Krabi.
As it is a luxurious resort, accommodation costs 600 baht (baht is the currency of Thailand. 1 baht is equal to 2.22 Indian rupees) in low season and almost 1600 baht in high season. Prices fall up to 50% in the low season.
The finest places to stay in Ao nang off a budget are blue bayou, the Krabi forest homestay, Ao nang paradise home, Ao nang palace hotel are to name a few.
One of the most preferred hotels in Ao Nang is called Phu Pha Ao Nang Resort & Spa. Settled near the cliffs in a rain forest setting, it has a huge pool, free breakfast, and bungalow-style rooms.

Thai culture of Ao Nang in the Krabi province is mostly an Indian culture, although many inhabitants descended from Chinese inhabitants. Ao Nang is a diverse mix of Buddhist, Muslim and Chinese-Thai influencers.
For an outsider, the culture seems a bit contradictory at times, while there is overall respect among Buddhist traditions, shown to different sets in different time spans. Status adheres more than age which means that mostly the elderly are adhered to, except if a monk is present, in which case, the monk is favoured. Women are in the lower rungs in societal ranks.
One of the top attractions is the Fossil Shell beach. Situated 7 km west of Ao Nang, this tourist attraction has slates of compressed 40 million years old seashells. The entry fee is a stomping 200 baht for foreigners and just 20 baht for Thais which makes this tourist trap not worthy for tourists. Another must-visit place is the Rai Leh beach. This beach is only accessible via Kayaks or long-tail boats. It is a relatively clean beach than the beach at Ao Nang and there are also some caves which are worth exploring.
Ao-nangfioré adventure zip line park is located at the heart of Ao Nang, which has a unique variety of adventurous activities, games, etc. along with Zip Lining that is suitable for family with children and adventurers. Professional assistants are always present to guide and help with the activities. There are also large numbers of nearby jungles with high canopies perfect for zip-lining adventures.
Apart from beautiful beaches and some wonderful resorts, Ao Nang, also offers some great scuba diving opportunities. While most visitors make for Thailand's islands, there is as much and maybe even more fun above and below the water to be had while exploring this beautiful area of the coastline. Some local scuba diving sites include the local islands in Ao Nang Bay, Phi Phi Marine National Park, the King Cruiser Wreck site, and Shark Point Marine Sanctuary. Some popular diving sites, however, get crowded in the peak season of December-January.
Rock climbing in Ao Nang is mostly arranged by the agencies of Ao Nang. They also arrange transfers, lunch, etc. The introductory course can be taken up in Rai Leh or Ton Sai.
One day tours are available to various islands situated nearby such as Bamboo Island, Chicken Island, Tup Island, Poda Island, Hong Island, Lading Island, Rai Island, Pakbia Island and Daeng Island.
Best time to visit Ao Nang is between November and March which is also the peak tourist season. It is not recommended to visit between June-October as Ao Nang and Krabi receives huge amounts of rainfalls. Post-October is the best time as it is the coolest season after rains get over.