One of the prime tourist attractions, Ao Nang Beach Road is the best place to spend your time while you explore the Ao Nang Beach- the most westernized beach in Krabi. This was originally a favourite destination for the backpackers but has now become popular with the beach tourists also. This small central resort town on the coastline of Krabi, Thailand is often referred to as Krabi’s most vibrant tourist centre. What sets it apart is its unique combination of being a small town with home comforts and a picturesque landscape. Reaching the small town is fairly easy as the Krabi International Airport (which is well-connected to Bangkok) is just about forty minutes by road. Cab and shuttle bus services, along with shared pickup taxis are known as Songthaew are readily available from the airport. You can choose what suits your taste and pocket.
Once you reach the beach road, on one side of it runs the Ao Nang beach and the other side is lined with various shops. The countless shops consist of souvenir and traditional clothing shops, money exchangers, travel and tour agents, ATM machines-everything a tourist can think of. It also houses a number of eateries catering to various international tastes, spas and massage parlours, beauty salons and, of course, a wide range of hotels that suit all budgets. There exists a large amount of nightlife with a plethora of bars and pubs that cater to the tourists twenty-four hours.
In 2007, the Thai authorities developed the L-shaped Catalunya walking street situated at the southern corner of this magnanimous beach road. This walking street houses permanent shops and is a popular place for window-gazing and shopping.
Different people may find different times suitable to visit Ao Nang but the best time to visit this small tourist-friendly beach town in October, just before the tourist season begins. The general tourist season begins in late October and goes on till late March. The pleasant weather of the island also contributes immensely to attracting tourists from across the globe. Even during the peak summer months, the average temperature does not go beyond thirty-degree centigrade and in the winter months, it does not fall below twenty-seven degrees. What makes the months from November to March great for tourists is the low level of precipitation during these months.
The town itself is very small and can be covered in a thirty to forty- five minutes leisure walk, though the traditional Thai tuk-tuk is also available. The Ao Nang beach has a beautiful view of the nearby islands and is an excellent destination to sunbathe. The nearby downtown shops and restaurants on the beach road which are accessible round the clock make this beach extremely convenient.
For some travellers, sitting in one of the many pubs on the road and watching the Andaman sunset while sipping beer is the most memorable moment of this island. On the road, you come across many tour operators who offer activities such as sea kayaking, elephant trekking along with one day tours to the various nearby islands. Depending upon your interests you can choose the most desired trip.
A trip to this island and a walk along the road is a must for you to complete your tour of Thailand.