A circular island with white sand beaches and covered with palm trees, Koh Poda or Poda Island is one of the highlights of the Railay Peninsula in Thailand’s Krabi region. With a coral reef and warm, pristine waters, this island is a delightful place to spend some idle moments. Koh Poda is a small limestone island 25 minutes by boat from the beaches of the Raileh peninsular. The circular island is no more than a kilometre in diameter, covered in palm trees and almost entirely encircled by a soft white sand beach.

A coral reef lies 20 meters offshore, and the combination of scenery, beach and excellent snorkelling make it one of my favourite places to spend a lazy day in this part of the world.
There is some accommodation in Koh Poda (bungalows), although it's quite pricey. Koh Poda is an Island and is approx. 30 mins by Longtail Boat ride from Ao Nang Beach. The chicken island got its name from a bizarre rock formation which resembles the head of a chicken. One end of the island consists of steep cliffs, while the other end has beautiful beaches along a peninsula. This peninsula gets flooded at high tide, creating a small island. There is no accommodation on Chicken island.
Apart from the beaches in the east and the north, in the middle of the cape-backed by limestone mountains in the west is also small and very peaceful bay. In the middle of Koh Poda, there is a pathway to the back beach which will also pass the one and only resort of the island, Poda Island Resort.

Koh Poda is the largest of all the four islets in Today Group Islands. In the east, there is a one-kilometre-long sandy beach shady with rows of pine trees. The sea is exceptionally clean, clear and suitable for swimming whereas the beach is nice for sunbathing. Visitors may also enjoy snorkelling in the north and the east of the island, or kayaking along the beach very well.
The rock shaped like a rooster on the limestone mountain at Koh Kai is the symbol of Krabi sea. Apart from the beauty on the land, Koh Kai also has plenty of coral reefs to appreciate in the west of the island. This island is accessible from Ao Nang Beach and is a half-hour long boat ride away. The ticket rates per person are around 300 Baht and subject to change. One can also charter a boat to visit this island and explore the surrounding sights.
Koh Poda is part of a larger preservation area, and certain parts of the island are restricted. Visiting the island requires a fee of around 400 Baht. Many tours circle around the island, and one can snorkel and swim around the island and enjoy the sights of the rock formations and sunset without paying the fees. There are many quality tour providers in the region who will help give visitors the experience they want.
There is only one resort on the island with a restaurant that serves its guests. Those visiting from the mainland will find long boats serving snacks and juices on the beach. Packing a picnic is a great idea as guests can enjoy their food while absorbing the seaside delights of the beach.
Being an island, there are no definite Koh Poda Island timings for visitors. Owing to the Poda Island weather, one can visit it at any time of the year. In fact, this is one of the best qualities of Koh Poda Island that the various activities offered by the place are not affected even by monsoons.
There is no entry fee for the Koh Poda Island as such. There are fees for different activities that one wants to enjoy in this area. The cost of tours around the place may depend on the package chosen.