Situated in the Kabri Province of Thailand and regionally known as the Koh Kai Islands, the Chicken Island marks one of four spectacular islands standing on those grounds. Featuring a ‘chicken shaped’ limestone, which also contributes to its name, this piece of land puts forward a picturesque topography, further acting as a spectacular panorama.
Having an enticing historical background, along with a captivating hold of tradition and culture, this terrain takes us at least a thousand years backs to when it was used as a resting point for ships due to it being located in the sea Silk Road. In addition, a ruined stone tablet dating back to the Chinese Tang Dynasty had also been found on its shores, putting forward high possibilities of the territory being under the Chinese in the past.
Furthermore, in speaking about cultural aspects, these islands acknowledge and have traces of Buddhism, and also circulates around the myth that chickens were once set free on this patch of land in order to eradicate it off centipedes, further forming the fishing tradition of setting free at least one chicken before getting to work.
Originally, these sets of islands were uninhabitable, with a scarce economy until 2004. However, with the onset of 2011’s economic reformation, it has further seen an escalation especially in matters of tourism, with a total of about 6,000 visitors per day. The number of tourists further increase during the months of November to March, which evidently is the best time to visit. With an upper hand in the form of the temperature being consistent at 28 degrees, and with cool breezes keeping things comfortable, the destination gets a bonus plus one.
Entrance to the Koh Kai involves embarking a boat from the shortly distanced Phuket district of Ao Nang, with prices of the tour further varying widely, but coming with a sense of worthiness and the idea that you get what you pay for. Requirements and facilities of an English-speaking guide, a flexible preference in the size and structure of the travel boat, and meals of your choice and also be enjoyed.
Tourism at the Chicken Island thus comprises of a large set of activities ranging from being adventurous and sporty to something serene and relaxing. To start off with, tourists and visitors often look out at these islands as a spot for ‘a getaway’ that not only provides them with the break the need but also puts forward a beach-like environment to obtain some peace and quiet. Alongside relaxation, the waters surrounding these lands host breathtaking coral reefs, providing visitors with great snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities. However, apart from a small structure standing that indulges in the selling refreshments, there’s no infrastructure built on Koh Kai.
The exclusivity, uniqueness, and the extreme beauty the Chicken Island showcases is therefore definitely worthy of a visit, with a guarantee of not only an enjoyable but also a highly memorable trip to reminisce upon.