Located within the lush green environs of Thung Teao Forest Natural Park in Krabi, Thailand is the Emerald Pool – locally known as Sra Morakot or the Crystal Pool. Emerald Pool is a visitor’s delight with its resplendent natural beauty. It is the perfect getaway situated in the middle of a forest away from the humdrum daily routine along with an unwinding dip in the soothing waters of the Emerald Pool. What’s even better is the delightful experience of soaking in the waters right in the middle of a forest!

Owing to its location, the Emerald Pool is a paradisal sanctuary with a surreal view. It is not just the Pool with its crystal clear water – which also imparts it its name – but also the flora and the fauna which is breathtaking. Among the rich biodiversity found in the region, the endangered Gurney’s Pitta is a huge local attraction. The place is a delight, particularly for the bird watchers.
Emerald Pool is about an hour’s drive away from Krabi Old Town on a moped which can easily be rented at the Town. It is about 55 km from Krabi Town and 75 km from Ao Nang. Once you reach the Natural Park, Emerald Pool can be reached via two paths – one, a 1.4 km walk on a wooden boardwalk and two, an 800 m stretch of dirt road. Both the paths promise a scenic experience en route the Pool. Tickets, bought at the gate of the Park, cost 200 Thai Baht per head for adult tourists and 100 Thai Baht per head for children. The Emerald Pool is accessible during daylight hours on all days. (Approximately 0900 hours to 1630 hours)
The best time to visit the Pool is early morning hours on weekdays. During the daytime and in the evenings the Pool is relatively more crowded especially with children who come in after school time to paddle in the relaxing waters of the Pool.
About 500 m further upstream from the Emerald Pool is the Blue Pool, named after the astonishingly blue colour of the water in the pool. However, it is not open for swimming due to its warm waters which come from a geothermal spring. The scenery consolidates for the loss thereof. The clear blue water set in the background of dense foliage affords a scenic view.
Emerald Pool is a must-visit when touring Thailand. The serene atmosphere and the dazzling waters of the Emerald Pool make for a thoroughly refreshing experience throughout. Emerald Pool is a retreat for nature lovers from the city noises to the very lap of nature. The music of the water rills and streams accompanies one while walking down to the Pool. And once one reaches the site of the Pool, it is these cool waters which cool off the tired limbs and heart.