Phuket is famous for its nightlife and Bangla Road is the heart of it all. Bangla Road is a street that stretches from the Patong beach to Rat - U - Thit road near Jungceylon shopping mall. As the sun sets, the place is filled with zesty young people looking for parties. In simple words, the Bangla road can be called the amusement capital of Phuket.

If you are a single guy, then the place will undoubtedly be entertaining for you no matter what you do but of course, men, women and couples are all welcome alike. It is some kind of a fantasy world which very few countries dare to have. It has a space for all kinds of enjoyment but violence will not be tolerated. The clubs do not have huge bouncers guys but you can spot police officers patrolling the roads in grey or brown uniforms. They are very friendly and you can approach them for any aid.

The street is abundant in a variety of large bars filled with pole dancers displaying impressive skills. Nightclubs and live music venues such as Rock City and Red Hot are also popular in the area. There are some old classical bars at the beach end of Bangla Road such as ‘Aussie Bar’, ‘Sunset Bar’ and ‘U2 Bar’ dedicated to the sole purpose of drinking. One factor that sets the nightclubs of Bangla Road apart from others is its short life span. These clubs spring to life as well as disappear before you know it.

Bangla Road is closed off to traffic as soon as it is sundown and the neon lights come to life. The next thing you know, women and ladyboys have filled the whole street and the place is charged with hubbub, fun and lots of energy. Some of these ladyboys are absolutely stunning and it's hard to tell them apart from real women after you have had a few drinks. You can also find many hosts and promoters roaming around the roads trying to grab the attention of potential customers. This can get disturbing at times but you can bargain with them if you are in a larger group. They will offer you promotions like free drinks, shots or a dance.

Bangla Road also has a few Soi’s or side roads which have even more clubs and bars. Soi Easy, Soi Gonzo, Soi Crocodile and Soi Seadragon are one of the best with Soi Seadragon having a reputation for its girly bars. Most bars offer drinks at reasonable prices. You can get a beer for about 60 to 80 baht while cocktails and whiskey can cost up to 180 baht. You can have a better experience of the place if you have a local guide with you. They will take you to the right spots and show you the charm of nightlife in Phuket.