Situated along the Andaman coast of southern Thailand in southern Asia, Krabi is the most picturesque province with perfect beaches and stunning scenery. One of the most relaxing places on the planet on holidays, this province is famous for its natural beauty, which is characterized by the limestone which can be seen throughout the area. The long coastline dotted with bays, caves and the limestone mountain rising from the sea, creating a fascinating landscape. With plentiful beaches, bars and attractive nature scenes, there are many great places to stay in Krabi. With natural attractions such as tropical islands, palm-fringed beaches, forest waterfalls and caves attracting more and more adventure-seeking tourist. It is predominantly an agricultural area with sandy clay soil producing rubber, fruits, coconuts etc. ‘’Thai language’’ is spoken in Krabi while English is widely spoken by the people.

Krabi is a home to mix ethnic groups of people from Chao-Leh, Thai Chinese, Thai Muslim and Thai Buddhist. So, the local culture here is a mixture of the culture of all these communities and the religions they practices. Many festivals like Laanta Lanta festival, Sat Duan Sip festival, Chak Phra festivals are being celebrated in the small town of Krabi. People here are known for their hospitality and welcoming nature to tourists.
Krabi has a tropical monsoon wet climatic system under which the average temperature remains constant throughout the year. The hottest month is April while January is coldest with an average temperature of 27 degrees. The wettest months are September and October. So, the best time to visit Krabi is during the months of January-march with mild and pleasant weather with calm sea. Months between May-November are more susceptible to rain. So, travelling between the rainy months is a bit of gamble with short-heavy rain which can tamper your outdoor plans.
Krabi has had a long history. After the dating stone, cave painting, stone tools, skeleton remains were discovered, it is thought that Krabi has been home to homosapiens since 25000-35000 B.C. It was earlier called as ‘’Ban Thai Samor’’. It was one of the 12 cities that had a monkey as their town symbol. It was under the rule of King Rama V and in 1872, the king ordered for the separation of Krabi province which remains so till date.
One of the interesting thing there is food and nightlife. Krabi walking street is very famous there which held from Friday to Sunday from 6-9 pm. This market is the centre of the city that comes alive at night. You can enjoy a plate of ‘Pad Thai’ which a noodle dish topped with veggies, chicken or seafood, traditional Thai cuisine, Indian food, seafood, western fast food and street food.
There is a wide range of hotels available which are relatively cheap and affordable as well as a luxurious one.
Krabi is a group of over 200 beautiful islands with incredible beaches, fun activities and sightseeing. Krabi town which will give the most rewarding experience is a Thai market town which is charming and relaxed. There are many beaches like Ao Nang beach which is a tourist centre with a relaxed atmosphere and modern comforts. Other beaches are Railay beach, Nopparathara beach which represents the quiet and extraordinary world. The best place to visit there is ‘Tiger cave temple’ which offers a true spiritual experience in the beautiful surroundings. There are interesting icons and relies on the main temple cave but the real attraction is ‘Buddha’s footprints’. There is much adventurous activity to do in Krabi, tucked in the mountain cliffs at the side of the beach are many rock climbing tours which is open for beginners too. This is mostly done in the neighbouring islands of Railay beach or Tan Soy Bay which is highly rated amongst travellers. There are massage parlours are located right on the beach. Most islands hopping tours include a visit to the Maya Bay Beach, the iconic location which you should not miss. Here, Leonardo Di Caprio found paradise in the movie ‘The Beach’’. Also, there is James Bond island, which was set for the movie ‘The man with the golden gun’. With a good range of accommodation, quality food, a variety of beaches and caves, this province is really an ultimate destination for a trip in holidays.