Tanah Lot is a sacred Hindu Temple situated on Rocky Beach on the west coastal side of Bali Island. It lies in Beraban village, in the Kediri sub-district in Tabanan Regency. About 30 km in the west of Denpasar village, Tanah lot is very famous among tourists because of its scenic beauty and a temple on a rock’s top which looks magnificent. The reason behind its name is the meaning of its name which is composed of two words, ‘Tanah’ which means a ‘Rock’ and ‘Lot’ means ‘ Sea’. Hence, Tanah Lot means a small island floating on the sea.
The place is profoundly known for its sacred temple on the rock. The people of this place worship here the God in the form of ‘Dewa Baruna’ or ‘Bhatara Segara’, the Power of Sea. The temple stays crowded with devotees during its ceremonies. The place is not only famous for the Temple But, The scenic beauty it offers during sunset time. Try to visit Tanah Lot in noon so that you will, fortunately, see the sunset from there. The sun looks exquisite from there.
If you are someone who loves to visit temples then this place has some other marvellous temples nearby like Taman Ayun Temple, Alas Kedaton Temple, Batu Bolong Temple, Batumejan Temple and Tanjung Galuh Temple and many more. And for the people who find temples boring, there are some other interesting places near Tanah Lot for them like Beratan Lake, Butterfly Park, Bali Botanical Park, and Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest. If you are in Tanah Lot don’t miss these sites.
The Place stays open from early morning 7.A.M to 7 P.M in the evening. You will need to devote specifically half of your day for this place to completely sink in its charm. For this spectacular trip, it will cost you around rs.3000 per person. To reach the place you should try to visit it with a tour group because of the unpredictable weather and wildlife. From the Kuta and Seminyak areas, it will take around 45minutes to reach there. And, with public transport like a Bus or A taxi, it may take around an hour. And, that would be a cheaper option too. There would be an entrance fee of 60,000 IDR in the Temple.
Tanah Lot, a cultural Icon is among the seven sea temples located on the coast of Bali. For the Balinese people, the temple has its own reverence. This Temple is very archaic and it will definitely interest you to know about its history. Some people say that there is a cave underneath this temple of sweet and freshwater and the water surrounding the temple is salty. Also, some people say that there was a great sage who spent a night there later, people made there this Temple. There are many such mythological sagas related to this interesting Place. Two interesting things one can’t afford to miss there are first, Holy Snakes in the Temple and the famous Kecak Dance.
This place is super-friendly for visitors with all amenities like ATM, Transportation, Hospital, Parking area, and yes, a myriad of beautiful souvenir shops. Don’t forget to buy something as a memento from these shops. Some best options to stay near Tanah Lot are Natya Hote Tanah Lot, Dewi Sinta Hotel And Restaurant Tanah Lot and Silversand Villa. Some good restaurants which offer scrumptious food are Sizzle Wraps, Warung Disini, and Warung Guek. The must-have look art market at Tanah Lot is a feast for the shopping lovers. This market has something to offer for all. Try to be there is from Mid-January to mid-April. To enjoy the trip to its fullest try to bring with you a good camera and capture those awesome Panorama shots.