Being the islands’ capital, Denpasar, South Bali sprawls across a wide area with streets full of stalls and markets slaying its history and culture. The southern part of south Bali, The Bukit Peninsula carries off multiple personalities within itself. Tanjung Benoa which can be said as a beach-fronted playground holds a package of resorts while Nusa Dua (again in the south) brings out an order in the chaotic pasture of the five-star hotels. A range of cliffside resorts dominates the southern coast while all the real action takes place on the west side. With edgy guesthouses on the small coastal inlets and beaches which protrude a cool and fantastic vibe. Nusa Penida on the east ranks first on the view of the horizon but the ultimate island escape will be Nusa Lembongan on the south-eastern area of Bali.
South Bali has several things to offer and some of the most interesting stuff to do there is discussed just down below, so read on.
Standing on a cliff of southwest Bali, Pura Luhur Uluwatu serves as a backdrop to the most famous cultural performance of Bali (The Kecak) basically the adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana. And beware of the thieving macaques as well. You can follow up with dining at the Dine Al Fresco on Muaya Beach, Jimbaran. The ambience is top-class here with oil troches and Balinese banners on the sand, you will be treated to the traditional Bali cuisines and the must-try are the fresh Ikan Bakar (grilled seafood) which includes shrimp, fish, and lobster along with rice and garlic-steamed veggies. The charges for the food are done by the weight and a large seafood platter can come around IDR 50,000 (about $5) per head.
What is Bali without the beaches? So head onto the famous Kuta beach for some surfing expedition and even if you are a novice in this field, this the best place to learn surfing. This place can be swamped with tourists and crammed with resorts these days but it was once the place where surfing first became a popular item in Bali.
If you are hoping to get some shopping done, then head onto Legian. This place caters to all the needs of the shopaholic in you and also wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. From beachwear to home furnishing, you have got sorted.
The party life in South Bali is something we have to talk about. Even if things start picking up before midnight, the party life comes alive pretty late at night. Kuta and Seminyak hold some of the amazing nightclubs and discotheques particularly aiming at the backpackers. Booze is free-flowing in these places but stay steer clear away from the drugs as the laws are pretty strict up here.
Taman Burung Bali Bird Park is another place where you can really close with nature. This bird part stimulates the tropical feel in us as we get an intimate look at these birds living and eating environment. They arrange bird shows as well during a certain time of the day.
So, tread on the off-beaten path of South Bali to unmask some of the hidden gems this place has to offer. It is going to be so worth it.