Padang Beach popularly known as Taplau is located in the city of Padang in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is situated in a dense urban area in the district of West Padang and extends from the Purus to Batang Arau estuary. Labuan Sait Beach is the official name of the beach.

Padang Padang Beach is one of Bali's most famous surf spots with an exotic setting and a stunning 100-meter-long stretch of sand. It is accessible down a flight of stairs through a unique hollow rock entrance. It is the perfect spot for Sandcastles, splashing, sunbathing, lying down with a good read under a parasol, or simply sitting back to enjoy the exotic views.

This beach is a good spot for Surfing. The surf has a steady set of barrels during good weather to attract wave riders from all over the world.
This beach is part of a group of world-class surf spots that line the coast of the southern peninsula. Padang Padang Beach lies between Bingin and Uluwatu. It's part of a line of beaches that surfers usually look around for a different set of challenges, adventures and another thrill for the day of fun.

This beach also serves as a regular spot for International surfing events out of which 'the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang' is the most frequent one.

This region has developed a lot of tourism with its rise to fame as a surfing destination. It is now lined with shops, surf lodges and attractive western-style cafés designed solely to fulfil the requirements of the surfing crowd.
The shore is great for a family looking for fun and leisure. There are local warungs on Padang Padang Beach serving light meals and refreshments.

Beach access is down the slope across the road from a large parking area. There is a bridge that connects the 2 sides of the limestone cliff, offering a beautiful view down to the beach from the height. While walking halfway down the slope of the stairs, there is a temple that overlooks the surf.

You can also occasionally see graceful and fun-loving, grey long-tailed macaques playing around the space on the Balinese Gapura gate or high up in the acacia trees. After reaching the bottom of the stairs, the visitors are greeted by a gorgeous sight of a fringed beach with fine white sand, blue waters and a vast distant horizon.

To reach the beach one can go along Jalan Raya Uluwatu. It is around 30 minutes' drive past the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, a junction with signs that clearly read ‘Jalan Labuan Sait' that will lead you along a hilly but smooth 3.5-km asphalt route.

There are surfboard rentals here if you don't have your own. But the waves here break over shallow coral and are not suitable for beginners. Although the big waves beyond the reef breaks are limited to advanced surfers.

The best time for beaches, swimming and surfing are from April to October as these are the sunniest driest months with lots of sunlight. The opening hours are 8 A.M to 10 P.M.