Day 1

Activity Name: Arrival and Check-in


Arrive at the airport by 1500hrs, on passing through immigration, find our guy holding your name placard, hop on to the cab and arrive at the hotel by 1700hrs. After relaxing for a couple of hours, leave for your neighbourhood street called the the Ubud Art Market. Here you will find an amazing range of shopping and dining options, scroll through the street and then settle down at a restaurant where the smell of food is irresistable.

Day 2

Activity Name: Nusa Dua - Big waves, surfing, and luxury


Have an early breakfast and get ready to leave for the peninsula island in Nusa Dua. It is famous for the water blow, Ram-Laxman statue, and the beautiful clean beaches with pristine water and big waves, ideal for surfing. Spend the next few hours moving around, take a surf lesson, or simply chill on the beach. Post lunch, move to the paragliding spot near Pandava beach. Here you will fly over a 100m cliff, and will experience the waves crashing against the rocks under you. An amazing adventure, with one of the prettiest views in South Bali. In the next couple of hours, by 1700hrs, experience the Padang Padang and Nyang Nyang Beaches. And now get ready for your final destination of the day, the famed Uluwatu Temple, built on the top of a cliff overlooking a romantic sunset every evening, and experience the entertaining Kecak dance in an open sunset facing amphitheatre at the clifftop. Return to the hotel by 2000 hrs and spend the night exploring the Kuta art market.

Day 3

Activity Name: Kintamani Tour and Waterfalls


Take a dip in the divine shrine of Tirtha Empul, where the blessed water comes from the underground springs, the later you go, the more people you will find. Head to the Batur ecological park where you can see the famous Mt. Batur volcano from everywhere, on one side of the volcano is a lake which is being slowly developed into a tourist spot, and on the other side lies the Mount Batur Temple complex with 5 temples on a peak facing the volcano. Eat lunch at a restaurant nearby. After a heavy day of driving long distances climb down a few steps to reach the beautiful Tegenungan falls. Take a dip, hop on a swing, refresh yourself, and reach the hotel by 1900hrs.

Day 4

Activity Name: Central Bali - Unexplored Waterfalls and really old Temples


Post breakfast, leave for North Bali (Lovina Beach) by 0900hrs, enroute stop at various waterfalls and temples. Take a dip or simply click a selfie, get ready to get wet at the Nung Nung and Leke Leke waterfalls. Two of the most serene and offbeat waterfalls in Bali. Around 1400hrs, post lunch, reach the Beratan Temple. A place rich in history, a temple built on a manmade island on a lake hundreds of years ago. The whole structure is very beautiful, and offers ample photography and history learning opportunities. By 1800hrs check-in to your hotel at Lovina beach, and relax the night.

Day 5

Activity Name: North Bali - Dolphins and Cliff jumps


Wake up early morning and head to the beach, from here we will take you to see large pods of dolphins swimming all around you, and if you are lucky, then taking that magic jump out of water. It is a 2-3 hours tour, and breakfast will be served at the hotel post the trip. At 1100hrs get ready to go jumping and sliding over waterfalls. You will cover 4 waterfalls, 3 of which have optional cliff jumps from 15, 25, 50 feet respectively, then there are two natural waterslides, with one being 25 feet and the other being about 10 feet. Post covering Kroya, Kembur, and Pucuk waterfalls, trek over to Aling Aling falls, and appreciate the natural beauty and sheer volume of water at the beautiful site with holy water. Return to hotel by 1400 hrs and relax the day away self-exploring.

Day 6

Activity Name: West Bali - Scuba Diving


Get picked up by 0800 from your hotel post breakfast and travel 80 kms west to scuba at one of the best sites in all of Bali, the first dive will be a normal 25 feet dive to make you comfortable, and the second dive will be along a 45m vertical stretch of a coral wall, off which you will go to a depth of 10m as a first time diver. The whole site is nothing short of magic, and a must do for anyone going to Bali. Return to hotel by 1400hrs, check out and drive down to Kuta to check into your hotel by 2000hrs, to catch your flight next day.

Day 7

Activity Name: Departure - You leave wanting more


Check out from the hotel by 0900hrs, take a ferry back home and get dropped to the airport to get back home.

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