Cancellation Policies

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We understand and respect your decision to modify/cancel the trips at any given point in time. Here are our cancellation policy for Hotels, flights, visa, transfers, insurance, convenience fee and activities. Apart from the cancellation fee charged by vendors, HungryTripper will deduct an additional 5% as a booking fee. .


As per the cancellation policy of the Hotel or as mentioned in booking vouchers. Do note, cancellation policy varies across hotels. Refunds initiated from hotels would be processed in 4-5 working days after the deduction of payment gateway charges and charges deduced by hotels.


As per airline cancellation policy or as mentioned in booking vouchers. If you would wish to book a fully / partially refundable ticket, do intimate at the time of booking. Refunds will be processed in 4-5 working days after processing time from the airline.

Activities and Transfers

As per the policy of individual vendors or as mentioned in booking vouchers.

Visa, Insurance, Convenience fee, Payment Gateway charges and Taxes

No refund on the same.

Note: HungryTripper is a part of Ingeniocrats Private Limited. All refunds will be initiated from Ingeniocrats Private Limited as per cancellation policy mentioned post deduction of booking charges of 5%. All cancellation requests should be mailed to post intimating your travel expert connect at HungryTripper.