Make money, Travel, Repeat. Become a HungryTripper, make money on your travel content. INR 30,000 PAYTM CASH EVERYMONTH


Make money, Travel, Repeat! Ways to make money from your travel content. Win Paytm cash. INR 30,000 in cash every month!

During and after each travel escapade a traveller starts warming up his/her social media profile(s), with this there develops a new synergy between the traveller and the followers. There are various ways to leverage yourself and earn money/cash through advertisements, but for that one needs a good following, else you will be left to pick up the bits.

What if each person travelling could stand a chance to win something every day? What if being a true and frequent traveller actually rewarded more than being just a following monger? What if all your posts and social media engagements could be eventually used for earning cash? We finally found a way to do it through HungryTripper App

The whole arrangement is quite simple, the more you travel, the more you post, the more you are followed, and the more coins you make. You top the leader board or come in top 20, on a daily, weekly, monthly (80) basis, and you get rewarded with cash in your wallet. A fair and simple transaction, you be a good traveller and a frequent visitor on HungryTripper, and we will ensure you get rewarded for your hard work. Redeem cash by transferring to your paytm wallet. 

Ways to top the leader board and win real cash (PAYTM) for your travel content:

1. Post travel photos, videos, articles. This is the easiest way, and also carries a higher coin weightage.

2. Engage with the crowd, like posts, comment, follow people to earn coins 

3. Answer a set of simple 2 minute questions to complete your profile and get heavy bonus.

4. Refer HungryTripper to your friends, and receive coins/cash post their first engagement.

5. Collect a daily bonus by logging in to the app every 24 hours and more

6. Participate regularly in contests to win extra coins and cash.

7. Top daily / weekly / monthly leaderboard to win Paytm cash. 800+ winners. INR 30000 in cash to be won

How to Redeem cash from HungryTripper App

Redeeming cash is simple! Transfer cash to your Paytm wallet! Minimum redemption is set at INR 50.

How much can a user win on HungryTripper App?

1. Daily Contest: Top 20 users on daily leaderboard win between INR 10 - INR 100 paytm cash on app.

2. Weekly Contest: Top 20 users on weekly leaderboard (Sunday - Saturday)  win between INR 50 - INR 500 paytm cash on app

3. Monthly Contest: Top 100 users on monthly leaderboard win between INR 10 - INR 5000 paytm cash on app.

INR 30000 in paytm cash every month! 800+ Winners! Its time to make some money with your travel content. Join the travel social network that rewards you! 

Also, in case you do not top leaderboards regularly, no worries! HungryTripper is introducing a bidding game for travel products ranging between INR 300 - INR 30000 every month. Travellers can bid using their earned coins / cash to win products. HungryTripper is introducing amazing products in the bidding system, install the app for details.

How do I Participate & win PAYTM cash:

1. Download Link: 

HungryTripper Android App

2. Create an account and start being active on platform. Check scorecard for details.

How do I reach INR 50 faster & Transfer to Paytm?

Its a simple trick. 

1. Top the leaderboard on daily/weekly/monthly basis to earn paytm cash and reach redemption limit

2. Invite tour friends through the app. Easiest way is to invite on Whatsapp from app. Invite 10 friends, they signup and post, you reach the redemption limit. 

Is there a limit on how much Paytm Cash a user can WIN per month?

Absolutely not! Upto INR 10,000 paytm cash by topping leaderboards! Unlimited cash by referrals.

I have a massive following on Social networks? Can I monetise it?

Yes, create your account on HungryTripper app. Invite friends, get the referral code. Post a banner/text on your social networking pages. Your followers join, you get paytm cash. 

We might also reward you with a percentage of coins they earn on app in future, you could top the leaderboards with ease and win products bidding with your coins. For now be active on app & keep referring. 

If you own a page in social networks! Call us to get help with referral banners! 

About HungryTripper | India' Travel Social Network | Monetise your travel content

HungryTripper is India's Travel Social Network which helps travellers

1. Share and Discover travel content (Pictures, Videos, Stories)

2. Connect with travellers and vendors

3. Find amazing places around. Get in touch with stays, adventure directly for reservation

4. Read short stories and more

>> 800+ winners every month, INR 30,000+ in paytm cash rewards. Join HungryTripper Now!

Contest: 2 - Upto INR 7500 In January! Install app for details