Witness the Majestic Balinese Culture at Penglipura Village


To taste the authentic culture of Bali, Penglipura village with its traditional homes and the scenic beauty is one stop destination for you. With the friendly villagers giving you the tour of their traditional household and their functionality, it’s a place to go when you want to detox from modernity.

To witness the beautiful culture and architecture, the paved stone street leading to the temple, beautiful gardens in front of identifiable homes queued up on each side of the road. Penglipuran Village in Bali is a place where you will be happily welcomed by the owners to have a look at traditional village houses of Bali. Located in the Bangli City, Penglipuran village is famously known for being one of the three cleanest villages in the world.

 The name of the village Penglipuran came from the word Pengeling Pura which translates as ‘remembering the ancestors’. The village is completely authentic and far away for modernization. The layout of the village is based on the Three Mandalas concept namely Parhyangan, which is the sacred area, Pawongan, where yards, gates praying areas and the kitchens are located and Palemahan the area of farming and graveyard, etc. Penglipuran village has emerged as a community-based tourist site, keeping in mind the interest of tourists the traditional homes have been conserved and maintained by the resident of the village. The residents also run shops within these compounds and donations can also be made by the visitors. The village is dedicated to the ancestors and the people here perform rituals and make offerings to respect their ancestors. This village is a popular stop as it is surrounded by the beautiful Mount Batur and Kintamani region offering many exciting sites to visit. The village is about 700m above the sea level which results in comfortable cool weather. The greenery around the village is also charming as the village is surrounded by the bamboo forests spread over hundreds of hectares. The bamboo forest also serves as a camping and trekking destination in the lap of beautiful mother nature.

 At the end of the street, shines the glorious temple Pura Desa, with striking beauty and divine architecture. The people of the village are known for their courtship and hospitality. You can just enter any of the homes through the arched doorway and you'll be warmly welcomed by the owners. They'll take you on a home tour to the traditional kitchen, bricked rooms, and the sitting areas, etc. The most authentic experience of the Penglipura village is its homestays. These homestays are very delicately maintained and are located within the village area. These stays can make your stay more memorable as the experience here is very different from the cliché 4 or 5-star hotels. The village is about 5 kilometers from the Bangli district. One can reach there through Depansar by car. It is only an hour drive from Depansar to Bangli. The best time to visit the village is during the celebration of Galungan day which takes place every six months and the homes are decorated in a traditional way during this time. Those who want to experience the freshness of a different culture and know about how things work in Balinese culture and the reasons behind it, then visiting the Penglipura village becomes a must.

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