Pray to Vishnu's reclining Murti at Ranganathswamy Temple


Ranganathswamy Temple is a famous Temple in the town of Srirangapatnam dedicated to Ranganatha - a reclining form of Vishnu's deity. The inner courtyards have shrines of Vishnu along with his various avatars such as Rama and Krishna. Other major shrines are dedicated to goddess Lakshmi and many saints of Vaishnavism. Every year, many Vishnu followers religiously visit this Temple to seek his blessings. 

Region Name - Srirangapatnam
Closest City - Mysore 
Distance from City - 19 Kms
Nearest Railway Station - Srirangapatnam Railway Station
Nearest Airport - Mysore Airport
How to Reach - Cab, Auto-Rickshaw, Selfdrive, Public transport