Spotting 221 Species of Birds and Exotic Plants at Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary


A nature enthusiast is sure to spend at least 2-3 hours at this sanctuary, simply admiring how green and clean the park is. Once you start spotting unusual birds, it becomes a lot fun and more like a game you want to continue playing. Similarly, the various types of trees make you glued to the place, making you feel like a researcher, trying to know it all! 
If you are lucky and the water level in the river is normal, a boat ride takes you closer to all the birds sitting on distant barks of trees and plants.

Region Name - Srirangapatnam
Closest City - Mysore 
Distance from City - 19 Kms
Nearest Railway Station - Srirangapatnam Railway Station
Nearest Airport - Mysore Airport
How to Reach - Cab, Auto-Rickshaw, Selfdrive, Public transport
Nearby - Ranganathswami temple
Things to do - Bird watching, nature walking, boating