Top 6 beaches in Pondicherry you will love


Looking for a perfect weekend trip from Chennai? Do not look further! We have Pondicherry for you. An amazing beach destination that is no less than a paradise for beach lovers. We bring you top 6 beaches in Pondicherry 1. Paradise Beach - The best beach in pondicherry for a perfect Sunrise. This beach is a 15 minute drive from french town and is one of the pristine beaches in Pondicherry. Ferry ride is available for tourists along with an alternate road that leads you to the beach 2. Rock Beach - Located at heart of Pondicherry, this is one of the most visited beach by tourists and locals, thanks to food options nearby. Enjoy a wide option of French and Indian food near the beach. Love early morning walk? This is the place in Pondicherry for you. 3. Auroville Beach - The Auro or Auroville beach is a 15 minute drive from Pondicherry close to the famous Auroville in Pondicherry. Most visited enroute to Auroville, this is again a beach you cannot miss if you are looking to avoid crowds. 4. Serenity Beach - Definitely for the adventure seekers. Known for surfing, sunbath and long costline, this beach has few surf schools and resorts that you will love. This beach is located at Kottakuppam, 20 minute drive from Pondicherry. 5. Veerapattinam Beach - One of the biggest costal villiage, the beach is a hit among locals in weekends. The beach lies near Arikamedu archaeological site and is known for festivals in temples nearby. 6.Bommayapalayam Beach - One of the lesser known beaches in Pondicherry. Known for long coastline and less crowd even on weekends.