My stay in Goa


So after a flight from Delhi, I was exhausted and had a hassle free check in at the Oyo hotel. The booking was made just a day prior to my travel as I had bookmarked it in my OYO app since it was clean new and cheaper than the other when compared, it was indeed value for money. I was check-in at OYO 11950 RELAX HOLIDAY HOME, it is located just 500 meters from the railway station and is well connected to the bust stand/ market area as well. I checked in yesterday on 11th in the night, you can inform the hotel through the Oyo app that at what time will you be checking in roughly. I had mine informed while booking as I had a rough idea as to when I will be reaching the property.

So now the next morning I had to do a hotel/room tour. I am sorry I didn't make a single video from it but I had an interesting view early morning, for that you will have to check my Instagram account (i.e. nomad.architect). I was sleeping tucked in a quite a big premium room of the property, Room number 304, on the third floor. The view was not exactly a typical GOA vibe, sand, beach, sea facing view but a more religious one which I didn't know about until I woke up in the morning. A temple shrine was built just next to the hotel property and it had one of the most beautiful Hindu temple architecture element. Do see how beautiful it was even though we are living in the modern world with minimalism taking over everything we can see a classical example on the shikhara which was recently built. 

Well after the view the first thing to judge as the hotel and to start off I had to be rough on the toilets. The washroom is the real test as to how any building is, hahaha. It is in fact quite true if you have good bathrooms/toilets/washrooms the overall building health and environment improves and gives a very positive vibe to the users. The bathroom of my room was well lit and even ventilated with a mechanical ventilator. Ok so that's good, next we had the clean seat with a toilet paper holder and a health faucet, what the hell am I talking about right? But it's important I have had very poor hotel experiences also. Well, no issues found till now, a soap bar and a shower gel were also provided by Oyo kept on the wash basin slab. Now the faucet was also working well and I had hot water also. The mixer was of Grohe, nice good choice for an architect’s view. Now we had the shower area which had a very small partition wall to separate the wet area and the dry area of the washroom. The height of the partition was just about 4” high (100mm). The shower panel and shower were also of Grohe. I have never seen any OYO property having such high standard of fittings installed. Well, it was an amazing wash up fresh up in the cool washroom having a grey colour theme with black highlighter tiles and a black granite slab for the basin, the basin, and seat being in pure white ceramics.

Next level that had to be checked was the whites which I include the sheets, beddings and even the white towels. The sheets were crystal clean, white towels, fresh everything was clean and smelt great too. OYO really are you now that nice or is it just this property. Well the room, bed, desk, tv, ac, wardrobe, windows, everything was clean. I knew right at that moment that my stay in GOA will be relaxing.

The other important thing about this property was that the windows were huge which helped in getting most of the natural light in the daytime which will lower the energy ci=onsumption in the day. The room didn't have much of false ceiling also which was also a relief or else sometimes there are just some horrible ceilings which I had to watch while I go off to sleep, trust me you don't want that. The SIZE OF THIS ROOM WOULD BE AROUND 12'X15' AND THE SIZE OF THE WASHROOM ALSO WOULD BE 8'X5', That is a good eb=nough size for the amount paid ($20/night approx.). So the room was having dark blue curtains and had a very light beige colour wall theme with no other colours. Just the cushions were also on the hue of Blue but the rest was soothing. The toilet entry was in the corner but thankfully only the washbasin was visible if you open the door to the washroom which made it score higher on my points table. I will give them a 5/5 rating it's the best you can get for the price. Well keep it up OYO RELAX HOLIDAY HOME, GOA.

I also had to check the other parts of the hotel so when I was ready after a nice warm shower, I went down to visit the breakfast spread for munching away a heavy king size meal. My review on the food will be shared in detail as I would like to share the experience of all the days and not just once as I am here for a long time. The breakfast was done had a good meal and felt energized for the day. I spoke t the manager of my hotel and asked where all I should visit today so that I can come back in the evening to the hotel. I didn't want to go very far and also had to travel with the local transport as that is the best way to explore the culture meet people and engage in real life situations in new places. So I was told to visit the main town of Margao and visit some beaches near Margao, names ass Benaulim and Colva as these places will eat all of my time. 

So the pictures and a short video regarding this description of my hotel review will be shared very soon on my youtube channel and a jist will be published on my Instagram account as well, hope to tell you about the tour AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Till then do see some pictures I took in the hotel but of a different room since I shifted into another one for a different view.