Traveling from Delhi to Goa on 11/12/18


My day started off with a dull morning as I had to leave from Delhi my home to Goa for my next project. I already had my bags packed a day before leaving my Laptop and chargers for the last moment only. I had planned for a nice travel guide for the people who would travel in and around Delhi. Well thankfully I will admit that delhi may have the best public transport system in india by a mile even compared to the other biggest cities of the country. Well lets see how easy is it.

It’s 1130 hrs, I First head out with my luggage which consisted of 1 lapotp bag, 1 rucksack and 1 trolley for checkin baggage. I get a taxi for the nearest metro station, i.e. Vaishali. A friend of mine comes there to drop me off to the airport. Surprise Surprise! Special treats hahaha. Well I then take the metro (TRAIN/SUBWAY) to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station about 25 mins ride (12 stops). I need to get off at Rajiv Chowk to change my direction of train and take a North bound train to New Delhi Railway station on the Yellow Line, from there I will be going to the airport via the airport express line. I get down at the Aerocity Station which is the third station and comes in just 15mins from NDLS by metro express. I then have to take a connecting bus to the Terminal 1 as this station gives a connection only through a feeder bus that plies on this route for terminal 1. The fare of the bus is INR 30. This bus ride is of 10-15mins and leaves every 15 mins from the metro station. So finally I reached the Terminal 1 of Indira Gandhi International Airport @ 1310 hrs.

Wow what a huge checkin line Indigo is doing some magic in the indian aviation industry a huge monopoly over the market. Well as I went ahead step by step I cleared the first step of baggage drop by 1345 hrs. then came the security which was asy and a standard 10 mins approx.. So now I calculate how much time I have left for the boarding of my flight. My flight boarding starts at 1455hrs, that gives me 1 whole hour to relax and have my lunch or snacks at the plaza premium lounge. Being an American express card holder and a coral ICICI holder I can access the lounge for a swipe. I always prefer it as it has a better sitting area and things don’t get mixed up with others. 

As for starters I had a plate of Pav Bhajji which was amazing!!! But the Pav (Buns) were not soft and went hard on the outside as they were kept open with the chef the air conditioning affected it. Then after some time I brought myself a motor magazine and went on to have juice and cookies. They were nice as well. For a foodie I had to try the lunch for the review. The buffet spread from veg and non veg dishes. With Rice and roti as per order. The Main course veg had Dal Makhani and Kumbh masala (Mushrooms) Non veg was only a single dish called Chicken Chettinad (South indian dish). I had some rice with it and 2 bun for dal. The dessert was Rice pudding aka Kheer.

Had just filed my stomach with so much I thought why I had a pre ordered meal for the flight, maybe just to review for Indigo. Another free service is that you get a wifi coupon from the reception which gives you a 24hour validity with 400mb. The internet speed was average not very good not very bad too. Well mine got used up in a jiffy as I was downloading 2 episodes of The marvellous Mrs. Maisel for my in flight entertainment. Even after having a window seat.

Well it was now 1445 and I saw the captains and pilot with the cabin crew of my flight moving towards the Gate and exiting the lounge as the boarding was about to start. My boarding gate was 11 but then it changed to 14 which is at the end of the terminal. Not far but a level lower than the main concourse (Ground level). Last gate is 15 I guess. Terminal 1 is also under expansion mode it’s expected to get few aero bridges and make it wider and bigger for more passengers and easier operations.

The journey from my home to the airport was a bit tiring but the airport express line gives a nice comfort to shake it off. Well airport travel is another task to be done, so now the boarding has started waiting in the correct line my seat was 28F as I requested for a window seat. Why don’t people just listen to the instructions properly and have a hassle free boarding rather than a chaotic one. The people don’t stand in the proper line and are always in some hurry even though they wont be left out now atleast. Well we had to hop on a bus for 5 mins to the aircraft an Airbus A320-200 flight 6E 399. The airport being shared as an airforce bas as well for delhi, we also got a glimpse of a a Beoing made C-17 globemaster taxiing to its hanger. Wow what a huge plane it was. I got my seat as I entered from the rear end door and kept my bags in the overhead cabin. The flight take off was smooth and the cruising altitude was going to be 35,000 feet amsl and a cruise speed of 440 knots (820-830 kmph). Right after we were at an altitude of about 25,000 feet we got attended by the hosts. I got my mal, I could choose any snack from their menu with a beverage. I had taken a non veg meal coupon but I saw that the menu was only limited to 2 non veg sandwiches. Not very hard I chose the Jungalee chicken Sandwich which I have had earlier also and I like over the chicken tikka as it is with lettuce and taste good when cold. I got myself a chilled coke with it and had it in my sweet time as I had another 2 hours of cruise time on the flight. I also purchades a cookie, not because of the cookie but because of the tin container. Love it. We had a smooth landing at Goa with the sunsetting in the background made the whole sky so orangish and was a natural moment to watch.

The Goa airport is one of a kind as it is a civil enclave airforce keeps running operations and has many flying exercises going on with the military. I saw a sukhoi fighter jet as well parked on the airside with the wings folded, suddenly I hear a very loud thundereing sound I turn and I just see the flames coming out of the jets taking off so fast. The time was 1845hrs.

Well the airport was quite small and got over in just a fewsteps. I picked up my luggage and headed out for the bus stop on the junction of the airport, I was told about it by my friend that theres a bus from the airport to Margao city bus stand which will hardly cost INR 20. So I wont fall for a 900 INR taxi fare. Boarded the bus in 10 mins and reached margao in 40 mins. From there then I took a cab for INR 200 to my hotel that was booked. I REACHED MY HOTEL AT 1945 hrs.

The hotel I booked was through OYO rooms a local app that gives you the cheapest hotel rooms and are very easy to use. The hotel I booked was Relax Holiday Home, Aquem near the Margao Railway station. I was tired but had an eagerness to go out and visit the local area to see where I am exactly, so I go out and find a wine shop I pick up two beers for INR 55 each a pint and had to take a local snack which was cashews in small packets for INR 10 only. Wow when you are in Goa you have drinks with cashews I felt so rich. Then next I came across a shawrma centre which also gave chicken thali so I got the chicken thali packed for eating in my hotel room. The food was average and the quantity was less for a person like me. 

Watched two and a half men and went off to sleep pretty early right after talking to my family and friends and showed off the beer and cashews. That had to happen right?