Weekend Treks at Shivagange


This hill is one of the most beautiful trek location's and most under-discovered. Its got 500 steps halfway and a mountain trek the other half. It is also very popular for its religious and superstitious aspect, which attracts a good bunch of crowd , best spot for the ones looking for a peaceful time. Halfway through the trek you will find a Shiva Parvathi temple and a pond of water that is believed to be sacred , It is believed that humans that possess a pure soul are able to reach for the water and it is said that the other way around is not possible. If you are curious and lucky you might just be able to reach for water. By spending a little time around you will be able to tell the importance of the same. The entry way to this hill has got a structure that is over a 100 years old , if you are in Bangalore and want a new trekking spot, consider this.

Village Name - Dobbaspet

Region Name - Shivagange Mountain

Closest City - Bangalore

Distance from City - 51.9 Kms

Nearest Railway Station - Yeswanthapur, Bangalore

Road Access - No, Steps (trekking)

How to Reach - Cab, Self-drive, Bus

Sunrise - 6:00 AM 

Sunset - 5:55 PM

Things to do - Trekking, Temple