Ecological park, Dandeli; Feel lively in the dense forests of Dandeli


An ecological park brimming with greenery and wildlife, the Maulangi Park in Dandeli is one of the pearls of this district. With a view of a majestic river running alongside, it is the perfect spot to be. Leisure activities, as well as mind-thrilling water activities, take place in this forested park. There are quite a few statues of animals and special birds present here as these species are significant in this region.

Region Name - Dandeli, Karnataka

Closest City - Goa, Hubli

Distance from City - 99 Kms

Nearest Railway Station - Hubli, Karnataka

Nearest Airport - Hubli, Karnataka

How to Reach - Cab, Selfdrive , Train

Best Season - October to January

Nearby - Sathodi Falls, Kali river, Santheri rocks

Things to do - Waterfall hopping, Rafting, trekking, Bathing in natural pools