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Harish Ramasamy - Founder

"Spirited entrepreneur upbeat to take on Indian travel space. Been instrumental in creating business ground up for major business to business companies. Trying to create a meaningful difference in travel space."


Sidharth Beckaya - Founder

"Struggling engineer, hopeful MBA, passionate entrepreneur, committed traveller, Inquisitive mind, follow Manchester United, love football, impermeable to politics, bringing change one destination at a time."


Sreenivasan - Tech Head

"Passionate coder. 5+ years of experience in building e-commerce portals and have developed industry first technology in B2B space that has revolutionized procurement."

"About HungryTripper"

A combined experience of travelling across 15 countries, and to almost 300 places in India, sweeping the roads with road trips crossing 50,000 Kms, eating everything from snakes, insects to crocodiles, trekking to some decent heights, swimming in some uncomfortable waters, bungeeing from the highest points, and planning itineraries for others for over 3 years does help in understanding the word 'Travel' better. This part of education, you only get outside of college, outside of office, and mostly outside of main city centres of the world, by taking risks, and by defying others, which puts my own quote into a perspective; "When the tourist in me goes to sleep, the traveller in me wakes up". This has been our journey, the road trip of two young e-commerce people with a standard engineering plus MBA education, doing well in their respective jobs, but continuously figuring out a way to do something out of that ever deceiving box, how we switched from being the tourist of our own lives.

HungryTripper is an online platform for offbeat and experiential travel booking. Our aim is to create an offbeat destination map of India and beyond, by taking travellers across the less explored and unique locations; landscapes, stays and activities that will bind the soul of the traveller to the place. For a place to qualify as offbeat, it needs to offer something other than the conventional, such as jungles, treks at 12000 ft, local food streets, cultural centres, tribal connection, living the life of a local etc etc; the list goes on. It is all about establishing connect with a place through unique experiences that leaves you enriched.

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Explore camping, treehouse, homestay & more across unxplored offbeat locations in India. Wake the traveller you are meant to be.

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Lets fuel your thirst for adrenaline rush. There is no better place than

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